Sunday, October 27, 2013

The New Birthday Boutique Style Hair Bow©2013

 Katherine wanted a Bow that took up some of the elements in her hair accessory.  As you can see that I added the felt with top stitching just as the dog on the grament.  I then added the little colored sticks that are very soft and flexable. The center knot was the same as the trim around the leg of her outfit pant leg. When my clients place an order for a Birthday Bow, this is the only style that they will be re-created from but, in the colors that they need.

  As you guys can see this is the back of the Birthday Bow.  With the type of work that we do as Craft Professionals. Our work must look good from every angle.  My clients do look underneath the bows that they order.  Just a little TIP!!

 Miss Katherine is just a DIVA!! She just had to have the week coming up to her BIG DAY.  Cute outfit!!

 This is the MAIN BOW OF THE BIG BIRTHDAY BOUTIQUE STYLE HAIR BOW. Every color has been added to bring out the beauty of this hair bow.  As you can see you may order these in sets of 2's.

Miss Katherines mom made a great choice in the actual Birthday Dress.  Each element is represented here.  Her mom was so proud on October 18, 2013.  Mom, you did a great job!  Keep up the good work.
So, come on into Ms. Katherines first Big Birthday Party.  The party was just for the family.  I was there her mom Mrs. Emily S. and her God Father Mr. Darnell S.  However; none of us wanted to be in the pictures.  Please enjoy!!

The first shot you all are looking at is the table setup.

This is a closer view. She did not do bad for her first birthday.

As you can see.  She did not want these bows in her hair any longer.  So, her mom removed them.

Here she seems to be happy once again.  She loves her passie. When she puts her left foot up under her eating table. You can say, that she is very, very happy.

Now you guys are looking at her very own SMASH Cake.  I thought that it came out pretty.

Well, after we just set there looking at her looking at the cake.  Finally, she put her hand in it and touched it.  WOW!!

This is it.  I just love doing this!  This is really FUN!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed coming to Miss Katherines first birthday party.  Oh, I her mom spelled out her nick name.  Kat!! We call her this when we get together everyday of her life.  Meaning, me and her mom.

We enjoyed having you all over for cake and ice cream with Miss Katherine on her first B-Day.  Please come back for a visit again, very, very soon.  Now next year we will be giving her a party somewhere here in her hometown of  Louisiana.

Also, I just want to say to all of my many visitors that come to my blog each and everyday.  Thank you for taking the time out of your lives to share your time with me.  I started this blog last year and have gotten great response from all of you.  I have visitors that come for a while from as far away as the UK.  Please do keep coming by and enjoying what I have to offer to the crafting community and the world.  Oh, and thanks to everyone who voted for me in the contest that Martha Stewart and American Made created.  I will be uploading the winners in a few days.  In the mean time.  Please submit your craft projects so that the world can see just who is out there and what you all are creating.

Remember, Keep Living the Crafting Life.©1995