Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello to my crafting family.  During my research on the internet.  I took a visit to Martha Stewarts website which as you all probably all ready know is now a part of EKSUCCESSBRANDS.COM .  I think this was a great coming together.  Please comment below on what you guys think about the merger?  Well, while I was there I clicked on the tab Creative Inspiration.  A drop down box appeared and I then clicked Project Ideas.  Well, what really caught my eye was the wreath.  It was created completely out of BUTTERFLYS and accented with GLITTER!!.  I know that I will be re-creating this piece for the Spring.  One to hang at my front door and one for the side kitchen door.  Love it!!!

I have been working on my company logo for a while and now I would really like to know what you guys think of it?

Now, you all have been with me for a while now and I know that you as crafters would also only want the truth.  So, please be honest?  I will look for your comments below.

As many of you know that Head Wraps are making a come back.  There are so many DIY'S on youtube today.  I was raised up in the 60's and 70's so I use to wear them a lot.  Well, I have come up with a new idea for the head wrap.  It will bring the idea home even more.  I will keep you guys informed when I will be ready to show the idea to the world.  But, believe me.  You will be the first too know and see the idea.  And again, I will want to know what you all think about the idea. 

Remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."©

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