Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Learn How to Wear Your Head Wrap Once & for All!

Hello crafting friends and family.  Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.  Please stay as long as you like.  For new visitors.  Make yourself at home.  To my friends and family of this blog.  Well, you guys know how we do it.  In my search for information to bring to you all.  Have you ever just run out of what to prepare for dinner each and every night?  Or you and your family of tired of eating the same old thing prepared the same old way night after night?  Well I have found this company that delivers each and every week.  It is called HelloFresh-US.  And what they offer is beautifully photographed step-by-step recipe cards right to your door.  These cards supply with the exact fresh ingredients needed to create a selection of new recipes.  And guess what?  Not that expensive.  Guy's, you can't beat this with an egg beater.  So, click on the banner below and check them out.  I did. And I tell you, I love the concept.  Please come back and let the rest of us know what you think.

Next, on the list. I have been working on an e-book for everyone who want's to know once and for all how to wear a head wrap.  Being the age that I am.  Head wraps were very popular back in the day.  I use to wear them all the time.  Even back then. I rocked a natural as I do today.  I loved to wear them when I wanted a different look.  The only problem that I found even then and so did many of my friends was that our heads would get so hot.  Being in the South with our Summers.  That can be very dangerous. But, Guess what?  I have the answer to that problem.  You will find it in my new e-book.  The title of the e-book is.  (I Want 2 Wrap).    I have pictures and step-by-step instructions on how to place the head wrap on your head.  Not only that. You all will be able to order your fabric that is the perfect fit for your head wrap and a little added bonus.  The fabric that my head wraps are created from is the type that let's your head breath and very little hair breakage.  However; the only way to order the Wrap-It!© is through the e-book. I only have a few more pictures to take and it will be ready to go on sale.  I will place the front cover of the e- book on my blog and how to place an order for it.  You will be able to pay for your copy of the e-book through PayPal using any major credit card, or debit card.  Or you can place your order by way of the USPS.  You will be able to pay with a personal check or money order.  So keep coming back and checking you guys.

You all remember that I told you I was blessed with a new grand baby.  Well, I have some pictures to share with all of you.  Her name is Katherine and she is now 4 months old.  Her mom Minister Emily (my daughter), is so excited to be a new mom.  She caters to her new daughter in such a way that when I see her enter act with Katherine.  I am reassured that she will give me the same patience and carrying when I can no longer take care of myself.  So, between writing the blog, putting out a newsletter once a month, taking and filling order's in my small home-based business my hands are pretty full.  But, she is a joy to me.  And I love having her with me everyday.  God has been good to me.  He has blessed me to live to see another generation come into this world.  I hope you guys enjoy meeting Katherine & her mom Minister Emily.   Enjoy!!

And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."©

Hello world. I am Katherine and this is my mom Minister Emily.

Katherine is learning to set-up.

Here she is enjoying her bottle of formula.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Professional Crafter's in my ever growing family!

This information is for my Professional Crafters in the large and ever growing family that visit's my blog on either a daily or once a week basis.  But, I was also thinking that my newbies to the crafting world could put this information aside until they need it.  So, this would be good for everyone to know. 

Remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."©



Hello to my crafting family.  During my research on the internet.  I took a visit to Martha Stewarts website which as you all probably all ready know is now a part of EKSUCCESSBRANDS.COM .  I think this was a great coming together.  Please comment below on what you guys think about the merger?  Well, while I was there I clicked on the tab Creative Inspiration.  A drop down box appeared and I then clicked Project Ideas.  Well, what really caught my eye was the wreath.  It was created completely out of BUTTERFLYS and accented with GLITTER!!.  I know that I will be re-creating this piece for the Spring.  One to hang at my front door and one for the side kitchen door.  Love it!!!

I have been working on my company logo for a while and now I would really like to know what you guys think of it?

Now, you all have been with me for a while now and I know that you as crafters would also only want the truth.  So, please be honest?  I will look for your comments below.

As many of you know that Head Wraps are making a come back.  There are so many DIY'S on youtube today.  I was raised up in the 60's and 70's so I use to wear them a lot.  Well, I have come up with a new idea for the head wrap.  It will bring the idea home even more.  I will keep you guys informed when I will be ready to show the idea to the world.  But, believe me.  You will be the first too know and see the idea.  And again, I will want to know what you all think about the idea. 

Remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."©

Monday, February 11, 2013

Adding a Physical Location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Hello to my crafting family.  I just wanted to drop you all a quick note.  Coming in March 2013, all of my regular and new client's will be able too find me out in the marketplace.  I have been invited by one of our prudent business owners to carry my line of babyware & accessories.  And you will also be able to find the Newest Thing Out There!  Stickybellies©  That's right.  No more running all over Baton Rouge trying to find them.  I have formed a relationship with the designer and I am now officially a representative and licensed to carry their product line of STICKYBELLIES©  For you guys who have may not have heard of these before I am going to tell you exactly what they are.  The upcoming new mom places the stickers on her belly.  It tells how many weeks she is.  This is her way of letting the world know.  This saves the new mom to be from having to answer the question?  How many week's or months you are.  Once the new baby comes.  Mom takes a sticker from the pack of 12 and places it on the baby's onesies.  This again, saves the new mom from answering the question, how old is the baby?  The stickers are repositionable.  So, you can move them from one onesie to another.  These are great for picture taking.  They come packaged in 12 month span.  The mom-to-be is packaged to cover her Maternity from 12 - 40 weeks with an extra one in there that say's "Ready or not here I come".  The name & location of the business where you will find BB'S BABYWEAR & ACCESSORIES© & STICKYBELLIES© is ALL ABOUT BABY BOWTIQUE AND MORE.
 Mrs. Ruby, is the owner.  Reach her @ 225-755-3000 or reach out to Mrs. Carrol @ 225-910-8736.  Be assured that either one of us will be glad to help you in your shopping needs.

This is how the stickers look.

This is how the sticker look when you place it on the baby.

These are how the stickers look for the mom-to-be.

Now for my professional crafters that stopped by.  Are you looking high and low for a website?  Then click on the link below and check out Yahoo's website hosting packages. 

Until next time.

And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."©

New Yahoo! Web Hosting Pricing

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Projects In the Works!

Hello crafting family and friends.  I am sorry that I have not been here giving you information that you can use but, I have been ill.  However; now I am feeling back to my old self.  I have been working on a few new projects for you guys.  PROJECTS:  Up-scaled shoe box and ATC's.  I will upload the tutorial later on today for the up-cycled shoe box.  My thoughts on this item is that it can now be used to store your most prized items.  You can even use it to hold your your daughter's hair accessories in it, or if you enjoy writing letter's then you now have a special place to store them.  Another idea I had for this item is that if any of you made it too the Super Bowl in New Orleans last week, then you can place all of your unique memorabilia that you collected while you were there and it will be there whenever you wanted to re-visit it.  The Up-Scaled Shoe Box has been selling very well.  I have re-created it I know 20 times since I added to my line-up.  Remember, you can decorate it in any theme that you choose.  It also makes a great gift idea.  Birthdays, Housewarmings, Best Friend gifts, etc..

Now on to my next idea was to introduce you all that don't already know about them ATC's.  This stands for Artist Trading Cards.  Let me give you a little background.  The artist community trades them between each other.  It is a way to introduce themselves.  I thought they would work for us as Crafter's as well.  You showcase your specialty.  Example:  If you are a fiber artist, then you would create your's in that medium.  Or if painting is your thing.  Then you would showcase that skill.  The field is wide open for us. There are only 3 RULES to remember.  1. You never sell them to each other.  2.  They must be in the correct size.  3. They must be ORIGINAL work by you.  That's it.   I have did my research as usual and found an excellent source for the supplies that you will need.  They measure 2.5" x 3.5"
per card.  When you click on the link below.  You will be searching for Artist Trading Cards.  I purchased 2 different kinds.  The first shown below is by Strathmore'.  Bristol.  This I have found is a smooth surface.  And very nice to work on.  It is good for working with pencil, pen or ink.  And it is acid free.  It comes 20 cards in a pack.  The paper weight is 100 lb. 

My next choice was by the same company Strathmore'.  Illustration Board.  Still 2.5' x 3.5' in size.  I found this type of card to be very thick.  Love it!!  It is called lightweight vellum. 100% cotton, and it is a great surface for dry media and acid free and 42 pt. It come's packaged 5 card's to a pack.

You will want to protect your card's.  So, you will need to order sleeves.  The sleeves come 3' x 4-1/2".  There are 5 sleeves in a pack.  These are also by the same manufacturer as the ATC's.  Strathmore'.  As you can see they are clear and I have found that they are also rigid vinyl.  I love these as well. 

The next item you will need to purchase is a pack of FRAMES.  These are great because they give our ACT'S a great finish.  I have taken the items that come in the pack out so that you can see them.  You get 10 frames (I choose black), 10 sleeves and 40 self-stick squares (this is on 2 strips).  I feel that this is a excellent starter kit. This item is by Archival ware.  This item is shown below.

I just know that you guys are going to enjoy our new found crafting activity.  Just click on the link above and it will take you to Blicks Art Materials.  

Also, please shear your finished work with the rest of us.  I look forward to seeing what you guys have done.

Don't forget to check back later in the day for the tutorial on the Upscale Shoe Box.  

And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."©