Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crafts by Carrol New Online Store is finally up & running!!

Hello to all my crafting friends and family members that visit my blog on a regular basis.  

The site is finally up and running.  At first I just had so many problems with the uploads.  And if I remember correctly.  It took several days pass the time I originally told you'll and the rest of the world that the store would be open.  Never-the-less.  I stuck with it and now it is open and ready for your business. 
On (2) of my items I have coupons that you can redeem at check out by putting in a simple phrase.  When you first visit the site.  You may feel that it is high?  but, you must remember that customized work is not cheap.  And there is nothing in stock until I get your order.  So, that way.  All you are doing is looking at the photographs of different items that may assist you in your living time on this great earth.  
As I am sure you know that Mother's Day is only a month away.  And each and everyday that passes it gets closer and closer.  I have a little story to share with all of you.  Back in May, 1986.  My sister came down from Alaska for a visit.  Her husband at the time was in the Service.  Well, she dropped over to my house and one thing lead to another and she said, "Carrol did you not take up Commercial Art? ", I said yes.  Why?  There must be something you can come up with to make to sell? I tried something that I had never done before.  I said to myself.  What could I possible do but make a corsage?  That's when my mind started thinking.  There was this straw hat on the other end of the table.  I said.  Why not turn that into a corsage?  So, I started sketching out ideas.  Finally after about (2) days of working on this off and on.  It came together. I had no idea what I was doing you guys.  Honestly.  My God Mother saw the finished product and said that she could sell this.  She took the corsage and in a few hours came back with over 50 orders.  I could not make them fast enough to keep up with the demand.  And the rest is history.   I would like to show you'll what the Mother's Day Hat Corsage looks like today after almost (30) years of experience now behind me.

Believe me when I say.  My first attempt at this was nothing like this.  Just go to my New Online Store to place your orders for Mother's Day Gifts.  When you get to the check out.  Enter the phrase:  mom2013 and 10% OFF will be removed automatically.  This is my gift to you for your support.  While you are visiting.  Take a look around the site and stay for a while.  You just may see something else that you like.  Remember.  The items that you see are all samples.  You will chose your colors that you need to have it in.  This as you know is a customized business only.  Nothing is made until you place the order.  Measurements:  The Hat only measures 4"in. across in either direction..Also, remember these rules:  If you are ordering one for yourself?  You will order RED.  If your mom has passed.  You will order WHITE. If you want to order one for your pre-teen or teen.  It will be Pink with a hint of RED, or WHITE.   If you are ordering one for your mom and she is still alive.  RED.  If her mom has passed.  WHITE.  These are great gifts to give to your friends, family members, co-workers, board members in your church.  Just click the link below: 

My New Online Store!!

As you'll know.  I do a great deal of research.  I found this site on Facebook.  It is a blog.  Click the link below.  This site is filled with great information that both men and women can use in  our everyday lives.

The Push Dump Fat Button Blog!!

Let her know that I sent you guys over.

Remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."© 1986.  Enjoy!!
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