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Good morning to all of my crafting friends and new friends who are visiting for the very first time.  Welcome.  So, let's get into it.  I have really missed you all so much.  For the last few weeks I have been ill.  I don't know if I have told you all but, I am a disabled person.  And because of this.  Many times a month I will be in the bed from the pain in my back and legs.  This time I have been down a long time.  Today, I am feeling back to myself and ready to start shearing. 

Why I could not post like I wanted too.  On Monday of last week.  I did receive several special orders and it took me a while but, I did fill them.  I could not accept all the orders that I received because I could not put in a full days work.  But, these few I did complete.  Just look below to see the pictures.  Enjoy!!

I have uploaded my LOGO.  I want you guys to get use to seeing it.  I will have to give credit where credit is due.  My logo was designed by Maven Media, LLC.  Her prices are very good.  Meaning.  She is small business FRIENDLY!!  So, to all my small businesses out there.  Send her an email.  She comes to you.  That's right.  She will come to your home or office on your time.  So, give her your business and you will be happy that you did. EMAIL:  ESIGN1@GMAIL.COM.  

This is how the new chapel caps that I have been creating for almost 30 years now come packaged.  Open color choices.  I create them in (3) different sizes.  Large, Medium and Small. 
Here I have taken the Chapel Cap out of the bag so that you can get a better look @ it.  As you can see.  These caps are made of 100% lace that is imported, a double-face satin bow, placed on a clear comb.  You can order them in any color choice.  Order them for yourself or any church or group orders are welcome.  There are discounts in place for large orders. 
This item is from the Switch-a-Rue Accessories Collection© 2011.  If you guys remember.  I told you how the system works.  It saves mom's a ton of money on accessories for her daughter, grand daughter or nieces.  Everything that you see can come off and you will be left with the sock.  When you go out and buy another outfit for her.  Then all you will order are the replacement Switch-Its.  That's it!!  No more buying another pair of socks or a complete bow for her hair.  These items do come to fit the age of the child.  Now if she is a baby.  Then you would order yours with headband and socks to match.
This is a picture of how the set looks with the outfit.  Ms. Mary J. from Baton Rouge ordered this for her very special daughter.  Don't you guys think that it really came together?
This is another look at an outfit for a little younger girl.  Her mom also purchased from the Switch-a-Rue Collection. The age of the little girl is 5 months.
Here you can see the accessories.  They complement the outfit completely.  Remember, everything comes off and mom can reuse the socks and the clip.  So, she does not have to  go out  and purchase a whole new pair of socks and a bow for her daughter.  She only needs to purchase the Switch-it's to replace these accessories that are on here now. 
This is the newest addition to the line.  The Mint Puff© 2013.  This was created for a very special lady in my life.  Ms. Lester B.  She lives here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  How it works?  This is a reusable container to keep your mints in.  It fits so nice in your handbag.  It is created with Chiffon Ruffles and beautiful handmade silk roses accented with true pearls in the center of the rose then all brought together with a handmade white pearl tassel.  It feels so good in your hand.  Every woman would love to have one.  This item comes from the What a Woman Wants Collection.
You guys can all get these items created to your taste @ my new website.  It will go live on Monday, April 8, 2013 @ Midnight Central Standard Time.
Also, for the Grand Opening.  I am offering Coupons that you can use on the site or in person here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Just leave a comment below with your name and email only.  I will reach out to you over the weekend.
New Web Store Address:
Just one more thing that I would like to  add.  I did more research as you guys know that is what I do.  Well, I have come across this great website.  It is a great source for you guys out there who are new to Crochet or you just want to double check your skill set. 
The Craft Designer's name is Dana Beach. Just click the picture right here to get there.  Just remember when you guys go over for a visit, please let her know that I sent you to her.  Enjoy!!
For all of my hobbyist and professional craft people in the family.  This website is just another great one.  Here you can get certificated in your field.  Just think,  you will have call letters behind your name if you chose to use them.  The classes to become an Instructor are not hard or very long.  You have up to (30) days to complete the course.  Believe me, that is more than enough time.  Then you will be able to tech in your hometown in places like Michaels, Churches, Community Centers, etc... The sky is the limit.  And guess what??  Your fees that you charge for your classes is your own money.  Really!!  The site under Instructors Resources will walk you through everything.  Please when you go for a visit.  Let them know that I sent you guys over. Please come back here and let the rest of us know how you enjoyed your time there?  Just leave a comment below.  Thanks a bunch!!  I almost forgot to let you guys know that I am a current Instructor with Spotted Canary. 
Well, that is all for now.  It is so good to be back with my crafting family and visiting friends.  Just remember that my web store will go live on the following date.  Please come over for a visit and I hope you enjoy your time there.  And please, stay as long as you like. 
The store will be open for business on MONDAY, APRIL 8TH, 2013 @ 12:00 MIDNIGHT CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.
My goal is to make your shopping experience a great one. 
And remember as always, Keep Living the Crafting Life.© 1995
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