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Color Wheel Pro - a unique software program that allows you to see color theory in action. With Color Wheel Pro, you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples. Hello you guys. Thanks for stopping by. This is a link to the Art of Mastering Color. This is something that you must understand in the crafting profession. So, click on the link and start the learning experience. And as always. "Keep Living the Crafting Life." Oct.1995 ©

Friday, December 21, 2012

3 Days To Go Before Christmas

I am sure that you all are surprised that I am here but I had a short break and wanted to let you all know how my Day-N-The-Life-Of-A-Crafter is going. Well, I have filled my orders for the Christmas and now I am about to go and rest myself. Tomorrow I will take my chitterlings from the refrigerator and let them begin to allow the ice to melt away. I have had them in the freezer for about 2 weeks. They are as hard as a brick!! I don't think that I am going to make the apple pies from scratch of course, until Sunday night. Oh, I forgot too tell you all what we are having for Christmas dinner. Chitterlings, rice, peas, potato salad, dirty rice and 2 apple pies. I almost forgot. The buttered rolls. That's it! Please take the time to tell us what you all are having for Christmas dinner this year. Just leave your comment below. I will return the day after Christmas. And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life." Crafts by Carrol I have created this follow button so that you all can keep up with me.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Is All Most Here!

Hello you guys. I was researching today and found out that you all each and everyone of you can get a FREE 75.00 value bundle package from ( when you sign-up to be on the newsletter list. WoW! This is a great offer they are simply giving away. I new you all would want to know about this as soon as possible. So, as soon as I found out about it I went to my office which is located in my home and said that I better post this right away. So, guys go on over and sign-up to be on ( newsletter list and get that FREE 75.00 value bundle package. And that's not all. After you sign-up, visitors get 8 count them 8 ebooks on a number of subjects-all for FREE! No, on this kind of deal, I surely would not wait to long to capture this great deal. And just think. You guys are getting all this just for signing up to get on ( newletter list. Just click on the YouCanMakeThis cover.
Download Sewing Patterns Today! Let me know if you guys sign-up by coming back here and leaving a comment below. Enjoy. I just want to take this time to wish you and your families the very best Christmas and a happy New Year!! This will be my list post until after Christmas. I have been working filling order's for my clients. This is why I must take off from writing the blog so that I can fill these orders. I truly love it that so many of you have come to my blog for a visit. And many of you would even stay a while. Please, stay as long as you like. And as always. Remember to "Keep Living the Crafting Life!"

SEWCHRISTINE: A canny way to get some free PR for your blog or FB page

SEWCHRISTINE: A canny way to get some free PR for your blog or FB page

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Copyright Information ©

All materials on this site are the intellectual property of and protected by United States copyright law. All rights not expressly granted are reserved. You are free to create any item on this site where instructions are given for your personal enjoyment. However; in order for you to re-create any item for re-sale to the public from this site you must submit your request in writing to the following: Ms. Carrol P. Mumford. 1344 North 44th Street. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802-1209.
Carol Heppner's Studio
Fellow craft lovers. While researching today I found this great website. Take a look and please leave a comment below about what you found. And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."
Bella Crafts Quarterly  Remember you guys.  Please check out this great site if you are wanting more free projects.  There is just so much information you can learn.  If you do travel over please come here and leave a comment to let other's know what you have found out by visiting.  And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."

All Laced Up Candy Dish
Designer:  Carrol Mumford
This design can be created to accent your home or created for a gift to give to your special friend.  Place mints, your favorite Potpourri or if you are giving it as a gift her special scents, place your keys in it, loose change, small hair clips or even jewelry.  This is another inexpensive product to make from Carrol Mumford craft closet.


1-copy of pattern
1-Glass candy dish with lid (Size: 5”in. round) found at Dollar Tree
1-bottle of Aleene’s (Super Thick Tacky Glue)
2-Square pieces of felt (make sure the felt is the color of the lace you
    are using).
2-Spools of gathered lace (name brand: Decorative Trim. Size: 1”in. to
    1-1/2”in. wide and 1 spool ¾”in. wide).   Hobby Lobby
1-Spool wire edge ribbon (brand name The Robert Stanley Collection.
    30 Feet).  Choose your ribbon the same color. Hobby Lobby
1-Hot glue gun
1-10”in. hot glue stick or if using the small gun the 4”in. sticks x 2
1-Empty cereal box
1-Regular Paint Brush  (different sizes come in a pack).  Hobby Lobby
2-Paper Towels
1-Pair of Scissors


1.    Copy the pattern to copy paper.  Then cut out.  Place to the side.
Take your cereal box and cut it open.  Lay flat.  Use the inside of
the box. Take the base pattern and lay on the box.  Use pencil to draw around the circle onto the box. Cut out. 

2.   Lay the pattern pieces on the felt and cut out 1 each.  Take your
Aleene’s glue and your card board cut out and apply a nice layer
of glue down.  Then lay the base cut out on top and press down. 
Let dry.

3.   Take the bowl and remove the label from the bottom.  Remove
any glue left behind with warm soap and water.  Use your paper
towels to dry.  Now take the bowl cut out and lay flat.  Place the
bowl in the center.  Turn the bowl where the base is facing you up.  Apply a nice layer of Aleene’s glue in that area.  Now place the felt down in that area.  Press.  Turn bowl on it’s base where

The top is facing you.  In six different areas around the bowl in the seams of the dish apply the Aleene’s glue.  Bring the felt up and around the bowl pressing the felt into the groves.  Hold in place for a moment.  Now take your scissors and cut the very top edge of the felt where it is higher than the bowl.  Make it even with the top of the bowl.  Now add a bead of hot glue between the felt and the bowl right at the edge.  But not all the way to the top edge.  Let dry.

4.   Once dry.  With hot glue gun in hand take your longer length lace at starting at the bottom edge of the bowl start adding the lace.
Leaving just a little space in between each layer.  Go all the way around layer it moving up until the entire bowl is covered.  (This should use the entire amount of the lace). Let dry.

5.   With your shorter length of lace turn the lace where the lace design is up facing you.  Hot glue in place all the way around the top edge of the bowl.  Finish the edge.  Remember, no raw edges showing.  Let dry.

6.   Cut your ribbon into 3 lengths.  1- piece 17”in. long, 36”in. long and the other 10”in. long.  With the 17”in piece fold it onto itself twice.  Place right under the lip of the bowl at the top.  Hot glue in place.  Cut off any excess.  Now create your bow.  Once the bow is complete.  Use your Aleene’s glue and place the bow right in the center where you overlapped the collar ribbon.  Hold in place for a moment.  On the left side add your 10”in. piece of ribbon right under the edge of the loop of the bow.  Hot glue in place. Fold anywhere along the length and make a crease.  Hot glue in place.

7.   Turn the bowl over where the base is facing you.  Take your felt covered card board and hot glue in place under the bowl.  Make sure to place it in the center.  Now go back and lift up the edge of the lace between the base covered board and place hot glue there as well.  Now it should be completely glued in place.  Turn right side up.


Now make a small tag and place in the dish giving her if this is to be a gift, different ideas on what she can place inside the candy dish.


That’s It!!


Enjoy, and remember Keep Living The Crafting Life.
Sorry you guys that I did not get a chance to post on yesterday but between trying to take orders and fill them for the holidays it has been some hard.  I hope you all can forgive me?
Once you create the item please upload a picture of your creation to show how you made changes to the original design.  And don't forget to leave a comment.  And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."



Maiden Jane: Monday Inspiration - Make for Good

Maiden Jane: Monday Inspiration - Make for Good

In doing my research on the internet.  I came across this site.  It is an organization that assist people with bring their ideas to life.  This is a non-profit.  So I hope you all will follow me in checking this site out.  And don't forget to leave a comment below.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Want To Learn Request

So many of you guys have sent me emails requesting to have the instructions placed on my blog for the Candy Dish.  So check back later on today and I will have it up.

Keep Living the Crafting Life!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Sunday

Hello, to my growing crafting family.  I see that I have had viewers to my blog site but no one has left a comment.  Well today I have pics. to shear with everyone.  If you see something that you like and you would like to try to make one for yourself then email me and I will upload the instructions to your inbox. However; if you like to purchase instead then again just email me and I will contact you as soon as possible.  Enjoy!!  By the way.  Christmas is only 9 days away. 

This item is named All Laced Up Candy Dish.  It is not hard to re-create.  You can use it for mints, your best loved potpourri, small hair clips, loose change, keys or even make-up.  And don't forget with Christmas being so close they make the perfect gift for that special friend on your list.

Home Décor wise you can place it in your living room, bathroom or bedroom.  Also coming in January, 2013. I will be offering classes around the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.  Right now I am in the process of earning my certification.  This takes about 30 days.  Once completed I will be informing you all through here and on Facebook of where I will be so that you can come out and take a class or two.  The certification process is lengthy but, it will be worth it to have a chance to meet you all in person.  As you know.  Meeting fellow crafters is hard.  So, I will keep you all informed of how it is going. For you all that are interested in learning please click on the following link.  It will take you to Spotted Canary School.  Here you can take classes as well.  Don't forget to become a member.  You guys are going to love it. Just click here.

And don't forget you can find me also on  Look under the heading Wedding Crafts.  Then under the subheading Wedding Favors.  I am on page #2 with the Silk Rose Wedding Favor is the title.

I will chat with you all again.  And remember.  Keep Living The Crafting Life!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Crafting Is Here To Stay

Welcome to my world.  I would like to take this chance to say hello and I am glad you guys found me.  My name is Carrol M.  I am a professional crafter with over 25 years experience. I live in Louisiana.  For those of you who don't know or may not have ever heard of it I am located in the South.

Through my blog you will be able to upload projects, review and comment on them.  I want you all to feel as if this is your home away from home.  A place where you can come and find out any crafting information you may need.

I also hold the Copyright to (4) original designs.  1. Nurse Insignia Lapel Pen, 2. My Pretty Little Tea Set, 3. Lightening in a Wine Glass and 4. The Switch-A-Rue Accessories Collection.  My newest idea can be found on under Wedding Favors.  Or just click on the link. or this link will take you directly to it.  You can also find me in Baton Rouge Parents Magazine.  Follow this link.  Here you will see the ad for the New Switch-A-Rue Collection.  If you would like to learn more information about it.  Just give me a call.  225-324-9418.  9am to 5pm central standard time.
Monday through Friday.

Please take the time to let me know also if you guys want to discuss a special craft that is important to you.  My skills run from hair accessories to home decor pieces to fit your space and everything in between.

Creating is my passion.  I get my ideas from dreams.  I really do.  You will also find DIY's on in this blog.  So, just stick around and see what the end will bring.

Please leave a comment.