Friday, December 14, 2012

Crafting Is Here To Stay

Welcome to my world.  I would like to take this chance to say hello and I am glad you guys found me.  My name is Carrol M.  I am a professional crafter with over 25 years experience. I live in Louisiana.  For those of you who don't know or may not have ever heard of it I am located in the South.

Through my blog you will be able to upload projects, review and comment on them.  I want you all to feel as if this is your home away from home.  A place where you can come and find out any crafting information you may need.

I also hold the Copyright to (4) original designs.  1. Nurse Insignia Lapel Pen, 2. My Pretty Little Tea Set, 3. Lightening in a Wine Glass and 4. The Switch-A-Rue Accessories Collection.  My newest idea can be found on under Wedding Favors.  Or just click on the link. or this link will take you directly to it.  You can also find me in Baton Rouge Parents Magazine.  Follow this link.  Here you will see the ad for the New Switch-A-Rue Collection.  If you would like to learn more information about it.  Just give me a call.  225-324-9418.  9am to 5pm central standard time.
Monday through Friday.

Please take the time to let me know also if you guys want to discuss a special craft that is important to you.  My skills run from hair accessories to home decor pieces to fit your space and everything in between.

Creating is my passion.  I get my ideas from dreams.  I really do.  You will also find DIY's on in this blog.  So, just stick around and see what the end will bring.

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