Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All Laced Up Candy Dish
Designer:  Carrol Mumford
This design can be created to accent your home or created for a gift to give to your special friend.  Place mints, your favorite Potpourri or if you are giving it as a gift her special scents, place your keys in it, loose change, small hair clips or even jewelry.  This is another inexpensive product to make from Carrol Mumford craft closet.


1-copy of pattern
1-Glass candy dish with lid (Size: 5”in. round) found at Dollar Tree
1-bottle of Aleene’s (Super Thick Tacky Glue)
2-Square pieces of felt (make sure the felt is the color of the lace you
    are using).
2-Spools of gathered lace (name brand: Decorative Trim. Size: 1”in. to
    1-1/2”in. wide and 1 spool ¾”in. wide).   Hobby Lobby
1-Spool wire edge ribbon (brand name The Robert Stanley Collection.
    30 Feet).  Choose your ribbon the same color. Hobby Lobby
1-Hot glue gun
1-10”in. hot glue stick or if using the small gun the 4”in. sticks x 2
1-Empty cereal box
1-Regular Paint Brush  (different sizes come in a pack).  Hobby Lobby
2-Paper Towels
1-Pair of Scissors


1.    Copy the pattern to copy paper.  Then cut out.  Place to the side.
Take your cereal box and cut it open.  Lay flat.  Use the inside of
the box. Take the base pattern and lay on the box.  Use pencil to draw around the circle onto the box. Cut out. 

2.   Lay the pattern pieces on the felt and cut out 1 each.  Take your
Aleene’s glue and your card board cut out and apply a nice layer
of glue down.  Then lay the base cut out on top and press down. 
Let dry.

3.   Take the bowl and remove the label from the bottom.  Remove
any glue left behind with warm soap and water.  Use your paper
towels to dry.  Now take the bowl cut out and lay flat.  Place the
bowl in the center.  Turn the bowl where the base is facing you up.  Apply a nice layer of Aleene’s glue in that area.  Now place the felt down in that area.  Press.  Turn bowl on it’s base where

The top is facing you.  In six different areas around the bowl in the seams of the dish apply the Aleene’s glue.  Bring the felt up and around the bowl pressing the felt into the groves.  Hold in place for a moment.  Now take your scissors and cut the very top edge of the felt where it is higher than the bowl.  Make it even with the top of the bowl.  Now add a bead of hot glue between the felt and the bowl right at the edge.  But not all the way to the top edge.  Let dry.

4.   Once dry.  With hot glue gun in hand take your longer length lace at starting at the bottom edge of the bowl start adding the lace.
Leaving just a little space in between each layer.  Go all the way around layer it moving up until the entire bowl is covered.  (This should use the entire amount of the lace). Let dry.

5.   With your shorter length of lace turn the lace where the lace design is up facing you.  Hot glue in place all the way around the top edge of the bowl.  Finish the edge.  Remember, no raw edges showing.  Let dry.

6.   Cut your ribbon into 3 lengths.  1- piece 17”in. long, 36”in. long and the other 10”in. long.  With the 17”in piece fold it onto itself twice.  Place right under the lip of the bowl at the top.  Hot glue in place.  Cut off any excess.  Now create your bow.  Once the bow is complete.  Use your Aleene’s glue and place the bow right in the center where you overlapped the collar ribbon.  Hold in place for a moment.  On the left side add your 10”in. piece of ribbon right under the edge of the loop of the bow.  Hot glue in place. Fold anywhere along the length and make a crease.  Hot glue in place.

7.   Turn the bowl over where the base is facing you.  Take your felt covered card board and hot glue in place under the bowl.  Make sure to place it in the center.  Now go back and lift up the edge of the lace between the base covered board and place hot glue there as well.  Now it should be completely glued in place.  Turn right side up.


Now make a small tag and place in the dish giving her if this is to be a gift, different ideas on what she can place inside the candy dish.


That’s It!!


Enjoy, and remember Keep Living The Crafting Life.
Sorry you guys that I did not get a chance to post on yesterday but between trying to take orders and fill them for the holidays it has been some hard.  I hope you all can forgive me?
Once you create the item please upload a picture of your creation to show how you made changes to the original design.  And don't forget to leave a comment.  And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."


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