Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Baby Shower Favor

I have been having so many problems with my computer.  The Geek Squad came out and found several problems with the computer and now everything is okay once again.  Click on the link and you will see the cutie-st  table top baby shower favor.
This is an idea that I came up with while my computer was down.  And girls and guys it was very inexpensive  to create.

Supplies: This will make 1 baby shower favor.  

1- wine glass clear, 1-bag of paper shard in pink or blue, 1- burst of color weight, 1-paper napkin pink or blue, 1-spool of sheer ribbon 1"inch wide and 1-bottle of Arleen's Thick Designer Tacky  Glue, 1-Bottle of alcohol, 4- cotton balls, 1-tape measure, 1-narrow ribbon to bring the colors together.

Store:  All the supplies were gotten from my local Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby.


Take your bottle of alcohol and the 4 cotton balls and wet them with the alcohol.  Now clean the wine glass and let dry.
Place wine glass on your work surface in front of you.  Open your bag of paper shard. Take out about 2 hands full.
Lay on the work surface.  Now get your burst of color weight and place a good amount of Arleen's Thick Designer Tacky Glue on the bottom of it.  Place the weight in the middle of the wine glass.  Let completely dry. (Meaning over night.)
Once dry. Take your paper shards and place around the inside of the wine glass covering up the base of the weight and bringing it up to the top of the glass.
Take your napkin and fold forming a triangle. Place around the base of the wind glass.   Bring the ends together and glue.
Now take your sheer ribbon and measure 8"inches long.  Bring the to ends together and pinch in the middle to form a bow.  Glue in place.  Take the narrow ribbon and place in the middle of the bow. Glue in place.
Now glue the entire bow too the base of the napkin and hold in place for a few minutes.
Fluff out the top of the weight and that is it!!

This is only one idea that you can use this for.  Try a Birthday, or Wedding , or Young Ladies coming out party.  The possibilities are endless.

Have fun with this project.  And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."©

Should you all decided to use this idea.  Please upload pictures so that we can see it.

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