Tuesday, January 1, 2013

You're Home After the Holidays!!

Happy New Years to my crafting families. I hope you all had a great and enjoyable time. I had a great time but very busy. Doing my time away from chatting with you 'all I was working on several new products to add to my creative line. Today, you 'all will be the first to see my new additions. I hope that you enjoy them. So set back and relax and enjoy the ride. My first offering is initialed My Story Box. I came up with the idea after visiting my hometown library. At the time I was in the young people's section. Each box is an extension of the person themselves. It brings their most inner dreams to life. Once inside, it is hard to leave. I Present 2 U The Story Box©
If you would like to purchase one for your very own then email me with your contact information. I also offer the pattern for this item. Because the item is Copyright protected. You have permission to re-create the item from the pattern for your personal use only. Should you have an interest to sell the item once you create it then you will need written permission. Please email me. There is also a kit available for this item. For more information, please email me. My next offering is The Fan-It Wall Hanging©
This item can be ordered in an array of colors to fit your needs. However; I also offer a pattern for this item as well as a kit. You have permission to re-create this item for your personal use only. Should you be interested in re-sell you will need written permission to do so. Please email me with your contact information. And finally The Switch-A-Rue Accessories Collection©
This item saves new moms, grandmothers, and dads a great deal of money when it comes to purchasing accessories for their daughters. With this line. You only need to buy (1) pair of socks. The only thing you will buy again are the innerchangables. That's it! I came up with this idea for my new grand daughter Katherine. You guys remember. I told you about her. She is now going on (3) months and growing. (The dress in the photo is a purchased item from a store that my daughter made). I hope you enjoyed the show of just what I have been doing over the holidays. Please don't forget to repin. And guys don't forget to leave a comment below. I read each and everyone of them. And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life!"©
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