Friday, January 11, 2013

(CHA) Craft & Hobby Associations Big Convention

Good evening to all my fellow crafter's. Weather you are a hobbyist craft person or a seasoned professional. When you are here. My goal is too make you feel as if you are home and you can always be assured that you will always find both New and useable information. , , , , , So this is some great links that I have included for your talent to go through. Also, follow this link to enter the Ipad mini. The drawing will be heald on Jaunary 15,2013 Located on Plaids website. So, hurry!! And Good luck! Remember when one of you guys go and enter please come back here and leave a comment.
This is another offering I am submitting. This Bridal Box was created for a bride on her special day. The colors that you see in the box are the ones she used in her weddoing party. The inside of this box also tells a story about the bride and her husband. As you know and for my newbie craft people. (CHA) stands for Craft & Hobby Assoicaion. The largest convention for Craft people is being held in Anaheim, CA. at the Anaheim Convention Center. I am also going to add the (CHA) link for you all out there who is thinking about joining the organization. Just follow this link and it will take you to the clubs home page. There you will find the answers to your many questions. And remember, "Keep Living the Crafting Life."©
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