Monday, June 10, 2013


Hello to my crafting family.  I know you guys have more than likely wondered where I was??  Now, you know I feel as if we are one unit.  So, I do not mind letting you know.  I do not remember if I have ever told you guys that I was disabled?  Well, I have back and neck problems.  I have been in the bed for the last several weeks.  Today is the first day I have even able to setup and get too my computer and reconnect with everyone.  I have really missed you all so very much.  

Well, now that you'll know where I have been we can now pick up where we left off.  I have found this great  store that is now located here in Louisiana.  They have  everything that a quilter and a creative craft person can truly use.  The name of the store is All Stitched Up by Angela.  The online store opened a new location on the 1st of this month.  I know that a great deal of you live right here in Louisiana and I have the web address for those of my family that don't.  The address 1730 Front Street . Slidell, Louisiana.  The web store. A New Business in Our Neck of the Woods!!  I have an idea!!  Let's all get together at a meeting place here in Louisiana and do a caravan down to Angels store? What do you think?  If you would be interested in doing something like this.  Send me an email:  Come on you guys.  It will be FUN!!  

I have been up a while.  I will be back online again this week to let you all know if we have anyone who wants to join me.

And remember, Keep Living the Crafting Life.©1995

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